If you want to understand what makes America, you can’t just see it.
You can’t just study it. You can’t just tour it.

You have to live it.

Y&R is living it for eight weeks, sending eight strategists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds to eXplore four different cities across America’s heartland: Memphis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Phoenix. We’re eXploring the heart of America by diving deep into something that binds us all: Family. Our families – small or big, born into or made, functional or dysfunctional – shape our world. They are our first mini societies that imprint on us our core beliefs and identities. They teach us how to love, trust and connect with the people and world around us. And they influence our decisions as people, citizens and consumers. That’s why we’re getting to know real families through real experiences.

No “respondents.” No two-way mirrors. No focus groups.
We’re getting to know life across the middle, firsthand.

And we’re bringing you along for the ride.