On the Road Again: Memphis to Humboldt

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We made our way out of Memphis on Friday to Humboldt, TN. Population... 8,452.

There, we toured the town with our hosts, Cathey and Ted Jones, ate BBQ at local favorite, attended a football game at South Gibson County High School....

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...ate donuts, visited a Baptist church, even rode on a combine...

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...met with the Director of the Humboldt Art Gallery and Chamber of Commerce...

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...and with Humboldt Mayor Martin Sikes...

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...we had dinner at Chandelier with Judy, Bobby, and Ted Jr, hung out with Judge Clayburn Peeples and his wife Rhonda, and got a peek at a state trooper car with Kenny and his wife Stephanie...

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Can't get enough? Tomorrow, we will be sharing a video of some of the highlights from our travels. You won't want to miss it!

Lana Meyer